Lean on Music

I have had the opportunity to help start, Lean on Music, I, was involved in the very first meeting where we voted my brother Zac Jensen and Holly Jensen as chair or president of Lean on music.

Our Core belief is Music Heals.

We wanted to use music to benefit the community. We feel that if we can help new Artists (like myself) share their music and talent along with providing service to organizations in  need .

Here is our mission statement:

Lean on Music is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and the overall community through the power of music.
1. Raise money and awareness for local non-profit organizations
2. Assist local musicians in promoting their music
3. Provide opportunity for local businesses to advertise to the community




Thanks – My First CD

Thanks you to some special people that helped me complete my first recorded CD:

Michelle Boothe, my Voice Coach who is always pushing me to reach GREATNESS.  Also her Husband, Ross Boothe - who helped developed the musical Arrangements and played the piano in all three of my songs and helped in the production of my CD.  He was  and is so kind and patient with me, helping me find the right take.

It was exciting to work with Cliff Maag  @The Record Lab - Thank you for producing and recording my first demo CD. Thank you for sharing your light and talents with me. You each inspire me to be better.

Last of all to my wonderful parents and siblings, who never told me I couldn’t and are always finding the means to make my dreams come true, (I am living my dream every day) They sacrificed a lot for me, and are the kind of people who will take the shirt off their backs to make sure you will make it through tomorrow. Also to my siblings with putting up with my noise, and always encouraging me to be better, and to be so much more than a girl who loves music

Storm by SAM

Storm: When I wrote this song, it was about how much I missed a friend. I wanted to bring out the storm in my heart, and the only way to do that for me was write it out and sing. My aunt passed away a few months ago and this song was getting ready to record. Music heals. I may not be able to carry your burdens when they are too heavy to bear, but our guardian angels will help direct us to the person who will carry us through our toughest trials, if we let him. This song is not only about heart break, but about finding that light and taking life one step at a time, because that’s what your loved one or best friend wants you to do, keep moving forward. The world needs your light.

Truth by Sam

Truth: This is a song i wrote called truth, Sometimes people try to skirt around what is standing right in front of them, and usually what they are avoiding is the truth.
I am 17 years old trying to figure out life and its beautiful moments, as well as the difficult. Hopefully you will hear more of my songs and will be able to connect to this journey of mine through your journey. What ever your going through, you are not alone.


Keep It Real by Sam


Keep It Real: This song  is one of the very very first songs I wrote. If you have heard Truth or Storm you can kind of tell its a little “young” compared to those… Funny thing is I wrote all songs in the same year! 2011. Sometimes in life the small things will drive us into one huge break down, but in real life the small things that bother us (for example chewing with your mouth open drives me nuts) are no big deal! I need to work on that! ;) Hope you enjoy… And Share YOUR light!