Thanks – My First CD

Thanks you to some special people that helped me complete my first recorded CD:

Michelle Boothe, my Voice Coach who is always pushing me to reach GREATNESS.  Also her Husband, Ross Boothe – who helped developed the musical Arrangements and played the piano in all three of my songs and helped in the production of my CD.  He was  and is so kind and patient with me, helping me find the right take.

It was exciting to work with Cliff Maag  @The Record Lab – Thank you for producing and recording my first demo CD. Thank you for sharing your light and talents with me. You each inspire me to be better.

Last of all to my wonderful parents and siblings, who never told me I couldn’t and are always finding the means to make my dreams come true, (I am living my dream every day) They sacrificed a lot for me, and are the kind of people who will take the shirt off their backs to make sure you will make it through tomorrow. Also to my siblings with putting up with my noise, and always encouraging me to be better, and to be so much more than a girl who loves music

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