Storm by SAM

Storm: When I wrote this song, it was about how much I missed a friend. I wanted to bring out the storm in my heart, and the only way to do that for me was write it out and sing. My aunt passed away a few months ago and this song was getting ready to record. Music heals. I may not be able to carry your burdens when they are too heavy to bear, but our guardian angels will help direct us to the person who will carry us through our toughest trials, if we let him. This song is not only about heart break, but about finding that light and taking life one step at a time, because that’s what your loved one or best friend wants you to do, keep moving forward. The world needs your light.

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4 thoughts on “Storm by SAM

  1. What a beautiful song and a lovely message. What a great thing that you can express yourself so beautifully and record it for others to enjoy.

  2. Sam,

    You have been blessed with such an amazing gift. Share it with the world. I love the way you write and especially the way you are able to express your emotions in the lyrics you write. Don’t change one thing about you. You have such a unique voice and I love the soul you bring to your songs. You better start preparing your Grammy Speech:)

    Love ya kiddo,

    Uncle Brian

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